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Free BitcoinsJust captcha and go.Visit

Regular payout (free)

El Bitcoin GratisSpanish faucet Timer: 60 minutesVisit
HelloBitcoinsRewards from 100 to 1000 satoshi. Timer: 60 minutesVisit
Can Has BitcoinFree BTC Timer: 30 minutesVisit is a free Bitcoin scratchcard. Timer: 1440 minutesVisit
Free Bitcoins Gambling50 µBTC. Timer: 30 minutesVisit
Freebitcoins.me2 µBTC. Timer: 30 minutesVisit
SimplFaucet100 Satoshis. Timer: 120 minutesVisit
Datafaucet100 - 1000 satoshi per dispense. Timer: 60 minutesVisit
The Free Bitcoins1.5 µBTC. Timer: 30 minutesVisit
Daily Bitcoins0.0001 BTC guaranteed. Bigger prizes are also available (check here). Timer: 60 minutesVisit
BitHits0.00001 BTC for each submit. Timer: 180 minutesVisit
BTC 4 You Timer: 30 minutesVisit
Bitcoin Zebra Timer: 60 minutesVisit
FaucetBTC Timer: 30 minutesVisit
Free Bitcoin Lottery Timer: 30 minutesVisit
FreeBTC4all Timer: 30 minutesVisit
Free Bitcoin Lottery Timer: 60 minutesVisit
Virtual Faucet Timer: 30 minutesVisit Timer: 60 minutesVisit faucets

eblackmilk Timer: 120 minutesVisit

Microwallet Faucets

FreeCoins4.meYou can get between 1 and 100 Satoshis. Timer: 360 minutesVisit
Crypto Faucet Timer: 720 minutesVisit
Cryptbond faucet Timer: 1440 minutesVisit Timer: 180 minutesVisit
Free Bitcoin 24 Timer: 60 minutesVisit Timer: 180 minutesVisit Timer: 60 minutesVisit Timer: 60 minutesVisit Timer: 15 minutesVisit Timer: 420 minutesVisit
Cryptbond MultiFaucet Timer: 720 minutesVisit
Best BTC Faucet Timer: 180 minutesVisit
Microfaucet Timer: 720 minutesVisit
Cryptbond Game faucet Timer: 1440 minutesVisit
Miikman's Bitcoin Faucet Timer: 120 minutesVisit
Superfaucet Timer: 360 minutesVisit
Micro Datafaucet Timer: 30 minutesVisit
moneyinpjs btc faucetVisit Timer: 180 minutesVisit
Super BTC Faucet Timer: 60 minutesVisit

Action needed (completing offers, watching ads etc.)

BitcoinGetGet paid bitcoins every time you watch a video or complete a task.Visit
Blockchain reactionGet coins by playing a game :)Visit
Bitcoin ServicesEarn Bitcoins by completing offers or surveys.Visit
Bitcoin Paid To ClickBTC for clicking adsVisit
Earn Free BitcoinsBitcoins for viewing webpages.Visit
BitCoin4YOU.netBitcoins for viewing webpages.Visit
Free Digital MoneyBitcoins for trying apps, filling surveys, viewing ads etc.Visit
Paste4BTC.comBitcoins for pasting.Visit
BitcoinReward.netBitcoins for completing offersVisit
Bitvisitor0.0005 - 0.00008 BTC (approx.) per visited site. You have to stay at each site for at least 5 minutes.Visit
CoinAd0.0003 BTC guaranteed. Refresh page (MANY times) to get 0.001 or even 0.002 BTC.Visit


NameDescriptionLink that makes it more convenient to collect hourly and daily rewards from a handfull of services (Bitcoiner included!)Visit
moneyinpjs forumsSatoshis for posting on forumVisit
CoinURLGet BTC for people clicking your links!Visit
LolItBitFree Bitcoin and Litecoin lottery.Visit
CoinchatEarch BTC for chatting.Visit

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